Paths : Coast to Coast

Coast to Coast Trail

The Coast to Coast is a route that connects the Tyrrhenian Sea with the Adriatic. The route crosses various regions: Tuscany, Lazio, Umbria and the Marche. Lake Bolsena is one of the central stages of this route, which can be undertaken in various ways on foot, by bike, by car or by public transport. Some of the roads indicated in the path are part of the road line built by the Etruscans and Romans. The Via Francigena constitutes a fundamental part of it that unites the area of Bolsena to that of Onano until it reaches the city of Sorano tuff. The Coast to Coast has a myriad of dirt roads that also touch the area of the Fiora valley, including the town of Manciano known as “the balcony of the Maremma” and continues in the direction of the Silver coast.

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