The fauna of Lake Bolsena

There are many native species of Lake Bolsena, the Pike, the Tench, the Dairy, the Mullet, the Lasca, the Crayfish, the Freshwater Crab and Eels. Many types of fish have been introduced into the volcanic basin by man such as: the perch, the catfish, the whitefish, the perch, the largemouth bass, the carp and the agone. In addition to the fish that live in the clear waters of Bolsena, the lake is also a strong attraction for birds, who see it as an abundant source of food. During the migrations above the basin, flocks form that create aerial games of extraordinary beauty: a real spectacle for bird-watching lovers. In spring and summer, for example, various species of aquatic birds nest in the reeds: the Little Bittern, the Heron, the Cannareccione and the Cannaiola, two species of sparrow that build a characteristic cup-shaped nest, intertwining among the reeds. On the two islands there are colonies of herring gull, which usually nest in the months of April and May. While a particular species of black kite nests in the oaks of the Vulsini Mountains and feeds on the fish it hunts in the lake. In winter, various species of aquatic birds from central and northern Europe arrive on the shores of Bolsena, including Tufted Ducks, Pochards, Turkish Fistioni, Coots, Great Grebes, Little Grebes, Little Grebes, Little Egrets and Gray Herons. In the surrounding woods boars, badgers, porcupines, squirrels, foxes and stone martens find a favorable habitat.

Fauna photo gallery of Lake Bolsena