How to get to Bolsena

Map of Lake Bolsena

How to reach Lake Bolsena

Lake Bolsena is the fifth largest Italian lake and the largest basin of volcanic origin in Europe. It is located in the upper Lazio, more precisely in the area ofhigh Tuscia about 20 km north-west from Viterbo and borders both Umbria and Tuscany. Lake Bolsena is about 40 km from the coasts of the Tyrrhenian Sea, 50 km from the Mount Amiata and just over 100 km from Rome. The lake is easily reachable by car via the A1 motorway, from the SP Lago di Bolsena and from the state road Aurelia SS1 and from the Cassia state road SS 2. For those who prefer to travel by public transport, the volcanic basin can be reached by train with a stopover in Orvieto, Viterbo and Zepponami and then continue by bus. The nearest airport is Rome Fiumicino which is about 125 km away, while the most important port in the area is 60 km away and is located in Civitavecchia.