Via Clodia path

Via Clodia is an ancient road of Roman origin, located between two other famous roads, the Cassia and the Aurelia. The via Clodia historically was born with the function of facilitating commercial traffic, and this distinguishes it from most of the roads of the same period which instead were mostly used for the movement of the military.

This ancient road was also called “via delle terme” precisely because it connected various spas, including Saturnia where the route ends. The origins of the Via Clodia, however, are still shrouded in mystery. Some sources claim that the road was built by the Romans on a pre-existing Etruscan route, while other historians believe it was already used at the end of the third century BC and as reported by other accredited historical sources of 225 BC the path was already paved. Now of this ancient road there are only a few paving stones that have reappeared here and there in various villages, between Tuscany and Lazio. In particular in Saturnia a piece of pavement is clearly visible near Porta Romana but also in Lazio there are evident traces of the road more in the Tuscania area, but also in Oriolo Romano, Vejano and Blera. Via Clodia was one of the main roads that connected Rome with the centers of Northern Etruria and still today it is an extraordinary reference point for understanding the viability between these two regions of central Italy.

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