Marta lakefront

Lungolago di Marta

The lakefront of Marta is one of the most evocative places in the country, with its romantic air and a breathtaking view. A long walk immersed in a luxuriant garden full of greenery, dedicated in memory of Luigi Donati, mayor and mayor of Marta from 1924 to 1935. This place, which according to the local dialect is called a “walk”, relax and be pampered by the beauty of Lake Bolsena and from which, moreover, it is possible to admire the Martana and Bisentina islands up close. In this splendid park it is also possible to have picnics or simply stop and chat on the beautiful wooden benches placed throughout the avenue. At the end of the walk, there is the small port of Marta, from which every morning the fishermen find the way to return loaded with fish that ends up on all the menus of the restaurants and in the tables of the houses of the martani. At the center of the promenade there is an embankment designed by the engineer Manini initially 18 meters wide and then expanded up to 35 meters. Furthermore, in 1968, the monument to Marta’s sailors who died in war was also solemnly inaugurated here and today symbolized by an iron work created by Pietro Matic in 1967 and placed inside a fountain decorated with stones and names of sailors . The lakefront of Marta is a poetic and fascinating place that perfectly combines the historical and architectural beauty of the village with the wild nature of the lake.

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