Earth Museum

Earth Museum

Inside the Grancia di San Pietro, an ancient convent complex founded by the monks of the abbey of San Salvatore del Monte Amiata, there is the museum of the Terra di Latera. It is a permanent exhibition that tells the evolution of the peasant and artisan world of this locality. The exhibition is based on the Poscia collection which during its life has collected over 1700 testimonies of history and life lived. The museum is arranged on several floors: on the upper floor you will be able to immerse yourself in the world of religiosity, local festivals, games, proverbs and local songs through a suggestive interactive reproduction of games of images. Very impressive is also the so-called “room of the trunks” a space dedicated to the historical memory of Latera, photos and documents donated by the community to the museum. Outside the building, however, you will be able to witness an exemplary set-up of the typical local crops documented by the exhibition such as: the vineyard, the orchard, but also the classic Mediterranean scrub, large trees, aromatic and medicinal plants. Inside the museum there is also an extraordinary educational laboratory set up at the slaughterhouse and dedicated above all to school groups who visit this exhibition. The central fulcrum of the exhibition is the earth, a material and symbolic element around which social relations and forms of economic production have taken shape in Latera

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