territorial museum of lake bolsena

Territorial Museum of Lake Bolsena

The Territorial Museum of Lake Bolsena inaugurated in May 1991 represents the main geological, archaeological and naturalistic documentation coming from the territory of Bolsena. The museum is located in the medieval fortress Monaldeschi della Cervara, the architectural symbol par excellence of the lakeside town of Bolsena. A journey through the history of this incredible location spread over three floors. At the entrance to the museum, a large tub-shaped sarcophagus in Greek marble dominates the scene, decorated in relief with scenes from the cult of Bacchus, while, in the geological section, samples of rocks are exhibited, including what is called a “Volcanic Bomb”. The section of the museum dedicated to the Etruscan era is very interesting: you will be able to see with your own eyes about thirty grave goods from the necropolis of Capriola, rich in bronze and iron objects, but also a chamber tomb in the locality of Melona. documented at the end of this period. On the first floor, however, there are the testimonies relating to the ancient Roman city of Volsinii whose excavations are located about 100 meters from the museum. Relating to this ancient village you will find exhibits of ceramics, oil lamps but also terracotta and frescoes, in particular we point out the famous painting entitled “Throne of the Panthers” dedicated to the cult figure the god Bacchus. In the second atrium of the Monaldeschi della Cervara fortress, on the other hand, there is the “Lapidarium” an important section where numerous Roman funerary and votive epigraphs are exhibited. In the last section, however, the Territorial Museum of Bolsena concludes its journey to discover this land with the naturalistic section: a large freshwater aquarium unique of its kind, which since 2011 offers the opportunity to admire a faithful reproduction of the underwater life of the famous lake. The simulabo di Bolsena is a journey into the intimate history of this village, a surprising educational and artistic path suitable for both adults and children.

Opening hours of the Bolsena Lake Territorial Museum

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